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Anti-money Laundering

Continuous Controls Monitoring

We assess your organization for risks and test their corresponding controls. We even identify those which are not currently monitored. Our automated monitoring solutions for transactions include: Know Your Customer, Sanctions Lists Screening, Anti-Money Laundering, FATCA, Transactions Threshold Reporting and Watch List Screening.

(AML) Compliance Solution

Symptai provides all the anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities that banks, money services businesses (MSBs), FinTechs, casinos and other regulated industries need – all within one platform. Integrated with existing core systems, the solution includes:  

  • Real-time due diligence 

  • Transaction monitoring and screening 

  • Sanctions screening 

  • Automated regulatory reporting 

  • Advanced analytics like anomaly detection and machine learning 

  • Dashboards, workflows and case management 

Fraud Monitoring

The risk of fraud is prevalent in every organization. To respond to growing threats and reduce the impact of illegal activities, businesses must have a complete and real-time view of customers and their activities. The fraud detection and prevention capabilities offered by controls monitoring solution Alessa provide enterprise-wide controls that analyze data from any source, simplify data management, and use advanced analytics to detect anomalies, breakdowns and fraud. Detect illicit activities in procurement, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, insurance claims and more.

Data Quality Management

We combine the right people, processes and technologies all with the common goal of improving the measures of data quality that matter most to an enterprise organization. The ultimate purpose of DQM is not just to improve data quality for the sake of having high-quality data but rather to achieve the business outcomes that depend upon high-quality data. Because business “systems are only as good as the information they contain”. 

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