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Enterprise Information Management

Why major Financial Institutions partner with Consulting Firms

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The Challenge

Six years ago, a forward-thinking entity, visualized the future power of an emerging digital era and decided to unlock the power of data. This entity was jolted into reality following an IT management framework assessment which revealed that attempts to establish an enterprise architecture function still left some crucial gaps. 

They needed to find a way to:

  • Intimately connect with their customers through personalized service

  • Leverage data to cross sell and generate leads

  • Establish effective data analytics and collaboration

  • Have an effective Risk management and compliance framework

  • Create operational excellence through shared services and a lean operation

The Solution

The business decided that a major component would be to partner with a consulting firm that could provide the requisite knowledge and sweat equity into this major investment to get the desired outcome within the aggressive timelines set by stakeholders.

Alongside the mandate to grow the business through introduction and expansion of revenue streams and improved customer experience came also the mandate to efficiently run the business by improving operations and controlling cost.

The approach was to use data and analytics to drive an agile digital ecosystem this would offer accurate operational insights to drive performance metrics, enable automated sales campaign, improve win-rate, reduce provisioning expenses, increase collaboration and make the entire customer visible.

Business Impact

At the onset Symptai’s contribution included establishing business goals, creating targets, designing information infrastructure, defining High-level change management plans, information governance and operational structures, defining and objectively measuring performance, recruiting, creating standards for information management practices, managing business cases and recommending tools and skillset.

This entity continues to entrust Symptai Consulting with this program which program has contributed over 150 Million Jamaican dollars. We continue to ambitiously and enthusiastically take on the challenge year after year.

We provide technology-related solutions for some of the most complex challenges facing organizations.

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