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Physical Security

Data Centre Assessment

There are many good reasons for conducting Data Center Assessment. From optimizing cooling, increasing redundancy, improving energy efficiency, confirming access controls and more. Assessments are critical over the lifecycle of a data center facility because technology is constantly being upgraded; the most effective way of delivering power, cooling and telecommunications to support that technology will likely change over the course of a data center’s usable life. 


Once goals and technology profiles are clearly established, a detailed assessment of your data center’s physical infrastructure should take place. The design and existing state of power, cooling, telecommunications, fire protection, security, monitoring, and more should all be evaluated. The performance and architecture of these systems should be assessed in comparison to your goals and for their ability to support your present and future technology profile. 

Mobile Device Management

Our Unified Endpoint Management services involve sourcing, provisioning, securing and managing handheld mobile devices (primarily smartphones and media tablets) to a third party. We take a user-centric approach to enable IT to centrally manage every device, every app, and every mobile use case, both corporate-owned and BYOD. We also provide support for any or all these main areas: hardware (inventory, provisioning and asset), software (configuration management, software distribution and updates), security (blacklist, encryption, antivirus, authentication, jailbreak/rooted notification) and network service management. 

Access Control Review

Symptai addresses all enterprise access/entitlement auditing and reporting. We review user access rights, access certification and remediation to meet security compliance for identity governance. Know who has access to what and generate cross-application rules for separation of duties. Assess enterprise role definitions to easily identify excessive user privileges.  We enable large enterprises to get in control of users’ entitlements across a very wide range of systems and at the same time enable them to stay in control for the future. 

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