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Resource Recruitment & Augmentation

Resource Recruitment

We provide your organization with on-demand technical expertise to assist your company in identifying suitable candidates to fill the vacant position. We act as an extension of your HR function and provides you with crucial decision-making information. We will provide you with a recommendation on the most suitable candidate for the position and accompanying KPIs and other performance metrics for success in the role. We take into consideration skillset needs based on the IT maturity of the organization as well as the organizational culture and your growth and expansion strategy.


We entrench ourselves in the general software development life-cycle of the product you are creating, offering our security skills throughout all stages of the life-cycle; from the design of the product to the coding and up to deployment in production. We strive to create secure, functional and efficient products and services, provide insights directly to developers, and generally favour iteration over trying to always come up with the best answer before a deployment. We will operate like developers to make security and compliance available to be consumed as services. We will unlock and unblock new paths to help others see their ideas become a reality. 


We won't simply rely on scanners and reports to make code better. We will attack products and services like an outsider to help you defend what you've created. We will learn the loopholes, look for weaknesses, and we will work with you to provide remediation actions instead of long lists of problems for you to solve on your own.

IT Audit Co-sourcing/Outsourcing

Symptai’s strategic Co-Sourcing service offering is designed to assist organizations seeking to improve internal audit quality and oversight, increase value while optimizing costs, enhance risk and controls management and focus on core competencies. Tapping into experience and insights from the wider market will help you to enhance the quality of corporate governance and better respond to calls for increased and embedded risk management and control. 

We believe you can and should expect more from Internal Audit and a co-sourced approach can help you achieve this. Co-sourcing makes sense when you are struggling to retain specialist resources or fill skill gaps or where you need to respond to digital or transformational disruption. It is time to consider whether co-sourcing can support you to develop your staff’s potential and provide the necessary skills and experience that no in-house function can maintain alone. 

CIO/CISO as a Service

Every organization, regardless of size, needs someone in charge of IT. Hiring a Symptai CIO to lead your strategic technology efforts helps you get the most from your investments. CIO responsibilities often include managing IT staff, vendors, budgets, and assets; designing IT processes, standards, sourcing, and procurement; providing knowledge specific to the industry; enhancing application-specific knowledge; and representing the organization’s technology interest at the executive/board level. 

IT Security Staff Outsourcing/Augmentation

Symptai can provide security expertise and the oversight necessary to ensure high levels of responsiveness and maintain quality security standards within any organization. Shift from the traditional model of acquiring and maintaining in-house technical staff to outsourcing these skills to a partner who can better dedicate such effort. We can meet your company security staff needs by providing greater coverage, flexibility to support a dynamic environment, qualified consultants with industry-leading certifications, extensive skills and a pool of security knowledge. Co-sourcing provides the opportunity for your organization to tap into specific skill sets, industry knowledge and expert resources on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Symptai offers an outsourced Data Protection Officer which is far more than just "as per required under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”. We deploy certified information privacy professionals to help your organizations not only comply with regulatory requirements but to have access to leading expertise across a wide range of disciplines all of which can impact your business. Enjoy: Compliance with GDPR requirement for Data Protection Officer, practical assessment of data protection risks across all your organization’s business operations, identification of your organization’s most critical data protection weaknesses, assessment of your GDPR accountability position for identified risks, and an ongoing program for improvement and identification of key audit points to assess progress.

Internal Audit Transformation

As organizations hurtle into an increasingly technology-driven, innovation-oriented, risky, and disruptive future, where is Internal Audit? Very often, despite ongoing efforts to meet stakeholders’ growing list of needs, the answer is: playing catch-up. 


We offer the next generation of Internal Audit, a function as attuned to the challenges of emerging risks, technologies, innovation, and disruption as the organization itself; a function fully able to assist in safeguarding processes and assets as management pursues new methods of creating and delivering value.

We work with audit executives, management and audit committees to conduct internal audits. If no internal team exists, we support, augment and develop framework. We also provide monitoring services to help you identify areas for improvement in your business process. 

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