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Security Incident Response

Incident Handling

Boast Symptai’s world-class framework for handling security incidents, breaches, and cyber threats. We provide a well-defined incident response plan that allows you to identify and reduce damage, slashing the cost of a cyber-attack or internal security breach. 


It defines the roles and responsibilities of participants, characterization of incidents, relationships to other policies and procedures, and reporting requirements. The goal of the Computer Security Incident Response Plan is to detect and react to computer security incidents, determine their scope and risk, respond appropriately to the incident, communicate the results and risk to all stakeholders, and reduce the likelihood of the incident from reoccurring. 

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a powerful tool that can resolve a wide range of criminal investigations and civil matters. We possess the specialized expertise required to go beyond normal data collection and preservation techniques available to end-users or system support personnel. We apply these methods in our computer investigation in the interests of determining potential legal evidence. Symptai consultants use the latest tools and technology to comb through data storage devices; these include but are not limited to hard drives, portable data devices (USB Drives, External Drives, Micro Drives) and many more all while meeting the Court's criteria for e-discovery.  

Malicious Code Analysis

Malicious Code is the term used to describe any code in any part of a software system or script that is intended to cause undesired effects, security breaches or damage to a system. Malicious Code is an application security threat that cannot be efficiently controlled by conventional antivirus software alone. We at Symptai analyse a broad category of malicious code that includes attack scripts, viruses, worms, trojan horses, backdoors, and malicious active content all in a controlled environment to understand how the malicious code works.

Threat Intelligence

Counteracting modern cyberthreats requires a 360-degree view of the tactics and tools used by threat actors. Generating this intelligence and identifying the most effective countermeasures requires constant dedication and high levels of expertise. With petabytes of rich threat data to mine, advanced machine-learning technologies and a unique pool of world experts, we at Symptai work to support you with the latest threat intelligence, helping you maintain immunity to even previously unseen cyber-attacks. 

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